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Meet the Team

The pre-requisite for all Drama Queens actors is that they are innovative and gifted teachers. 

Only 12, from over 500 applicants. have succeeded in meeting that standard. 

As working actors we do occasionally come and go. But we are a very tight knit, communicative unit. We recognise that continuity and the high quality experience for pupils is key to our success. 



I am the founder of Drama Queens. Mother of two, (my greatest productions!) actor and writer. Keeping my beady eyes on proceedings at all times! 

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Joe is not only a star of the West End and Broadway, but a teaching star of utter brilliance. He specialises in theatrical fun! Whether you’re 3 or 83, in his lessons and parties a good time is absolutely  guaranteed!



Harry’s special skills include writing and directing. He could direct traffic and make it look great! You want to be in his shows! 

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Jonty is our Prince Charming, a triple threat! He can act, sing and dance and that’s just on his scooter! 

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Becky is the proverbial fairy princess, creating magic wherever she goes! She’s also a speech and language specialist, and a trained actor with a superb singing voice! 

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 14.09.22.png


Miss Musical Theatre, a true Mary Poppins with our youngest pupils. Our Irish twinkling star! 



Fancy a fight? She’s your woman!

Rachel specialises in physical theatre, teaching stage combat for us

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Talitha can do anything! She’s an actor and a published poet. She motivates and inspires the children at every turn. 

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