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Terms and Conditions


Our classes are booked on a first come, first served basis. However, advanced notice is given to current students in our term time classes.

To book we require payment in advance. Without payment we cannot hold your place.

As soon as the class reaches capacity, new enquiries will be placed on a waiting list. As such, please note that you cannot share or sell on your place to another child/parent. Please see our cancellation policy below.

Private Tuition

After an initial class we book private tuition in blocks, with payment made in advance. We will always agree payments and the class schedule with you. If you would like to cancel or rearrange a class, please give us at least 24 hours notice.

Your teacher spends time planning and preparing a bespoke lesson for you and books the time out to deliver it.


If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice you will not be entitled to a refund or a make-up lesson. In effect you will have to pay again to have that lesson.

Online Classes

If you book one of our online classes and wish to cancel your booking please let us know prior to the start of the session and we will refund you or hold the payment in credit. Unfortunately we cannot offer credits/refunds if you notify us after the class has taken place. As per our regular termly classes, if you book for a term of sessions we do not offer refunds for missed classes.

Refund and Cancellation Policy – Holiday Workshops

For our holiday workshops cancellations need to be made (by email to 7 days before the start of the first day you wish to cancel – this gives us a chance to offer the place to another child. Provided we have this notice Drama Queens will refund all unused days, minus any credit/debit card processing fees incurred. To receive a refund via BACS, please send us your bank details.

If after their first day with us your child would prefer not to return (very rare!) we will refund the remaining unused days, minus any credit/debit card processing fees incurred.

Refunds are calculated using the full cost of the days used, without any discounts that may apply to longer bookings.

On occasions where we are running in separate venues simultaneously, please note that we cannot accommodate cancellation for classes in one venue in order to rebook another venue for the same day or days. This is to allow Drama Queens to monitor and control class capacities and staffing levels appropriately.

Refund and Cancellation Policy – Termly Classes

If you wish to cancel your booking after the first session we will refund the full amount for the term, minus any credit/debit card processing fees incurred.

If you would like to cancel your booking within the first three weeks of term, we will refund half of the term fee.

Cancellations after the first three weeks are not eligible for a refund.

Unfortunately once booked in for the term we do not offer refunds for classes in which learners were unable to attend. Our terms build a sense of trust and confidence from week to week, and to do this we encourage people to attend regularly. For this reason we do not offer drop-in or pro-rata classes except for those attending our Small Talk programme.

Trials for New Students

All new students are welcome to try a one off paid for class. If the place is taken up, the remainder of the termly fee is payable.
Please note, booking a trial does not guarantee a place for the term. To guarantee a place, please book and pay for the term in advance. We will refund the full amount if after the first session you do not wish to continue.
Please note we are unable to offer trials for Holiday Workshops.

Drama Queens’ Cancellation Policy

Drama is a group activity. Children who find it difficult to follow instructions or who are continually disruptive to the class will not be able to continue with us. We will always talk to parents to try and address this in the first instance, and work to keep the child within the group should they want to continue. However if we decide that a child cannot effectively join in with the group a pro-rata refund for all unused lessons will be offered.

Children with Additional Needs

Drama Queens do everything possible to accommodate children with disabilities or additional needs. However, if we cannot safely include a child in the class we may suggest additional resources are supplied by the parent (i.e. the attendance of a carer), or inform the parent if we are unable to appropriately accommodate the child within our group. In this instance a pro-rata refund will be made.

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