In addition to our regular After School Clubs, Drama Queens can play a role in your school in other ways.




Our themed workshops use drama to explore the National Curriculum. Children learn through stories and through engaging imaginatively with the subject matter. So, whether it's a session on myths and legends, Egyption History, Shakespeare, the life of animals or the properties of different materials - our bespoke Drama workshops make learning invisible.



Drama is superb at building social skills, group cohesion and confidence - for Children and Adults alike! A Drama Queens workshop can focus on getting your class to work well together, or provide the teachers with a great way of upskilling themselves on inset days.



We teach the LAMDA syllabus in Verse and Prose, Acting, and Musical Theatre in our After School clubs, and can come in to teach small groups or one on one sessions to prepare children for these prestigious exams. Having LAMDA in your school can also help boost your OFSTED report, so it's a win-win!



With years of experience writing and directing performances with young actors, our Drama Queens teen are a brilliant choice to run or assist with School performance projects. We can write bespoke scripts tailored to every child's needs, and create a fun performance for your school over the course of a term, a week or even a day! Previous plays have included The Tempest, Macbeth, Justice Luck (our Nursery Rhyme Court-Room Drama) and many more - and can be linked to curriculum topics.

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